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Hello, my name is Ivor Faingnaert. On this website you find my portfolio!
Click here if you are interested in my curriculum vitae.

personal development

This includes the iTalent assignments that go about personal development, for example the results of the DISC-test and your reflection here.

intercultural attitude

This includes the iTalent tasks that go about international and multicultural communication, for example your share in Go Global task.

entrepreneurial spirit

This includes the iTalent tasks that go about entrepreneur-shelf, for example your personal share of the InnovIT task.


Here you find my assignments from year 1.


personal development


entrepreneurial spirit

Go Global

intercultural attitude

Here you find my assigments from year 2.


intercultural attitude

Competence Indicator

personal development

Personality tests

personal development

Trainings and company visits

entrepreneurial spirit


Something about me

  • Ivor Faingnaert

    I was born on 23 February 1998 in Ghent. Along with my parents and my two younger sisters, I live in the Flemish Ardennes in a village called Elst.

  • Passions

    I like to keep me busy with computers because there are so many different things that you can do with it. I also do a lot of sports and I like to spend time with my girlfriend.

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If you have a question don't hesitate to contact me or look at my CV at the home-page.

E-mail: ivor@ivor.be